To remove scratches and restore shine to the boat

The fiberglass is a largely used material in boating, both for covering the hull and for other internal parts of the boat.
Thanks to its solidity and resistance to atmospheric agents, the fiberglass is used to build small boats, as well as medium and big ones.
Even if it is an heavy material, the fiberglass can turn yellow and decline over time.
Carrozzeria Nautica can offer maintenance, cleaning and polishing services on site. These services grant the preservation of the endurance and the sparkle of the boat.

About the polishing

The polishing is fulfilled with grinding pastes recommended according to the product used on the surface.
The application of the grinding paste is fulfilled in two phases: first, it is necessary to apply some grinding paste to remove the scratches; then, it is possible to apply the polishing paste to restore shine to the surface.

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