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Building the moulds

Crafstmanship, building on behalf of third parties


For a permanent in good shape ship


Working on the models and furniture

  • Boats’ body

    Once the boat’s body is done, it needs to be conveniently supervised […]

  • Models’ body

    The quality of a first level boat is given not only by […]

  • Body work on moulds

    The work of the body shop on the mould is similar to […]

  • Application of varnish

    The painting phase has two essential roles: it protects the boat and […]

  • Epoxy application

    The epoxy application is a treatment that can be used against boat’s […]

  • Polishing

    The fiberglass is a largely used material in boating, both for covering […]

  • Building with fiberglass

    The fiberglass is a very particular material resulting from the combination of […]

  • Carpentry

    Experienced staff in nautical woodworking is needed in order to recover the […]

  • Maintenance of used boats

    Although fiberglass bodies and frameworks have a proven resistance, the direct contact […]

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